Dr. Josiah Ng Toenail Clinic at Three Cedars MD

Clinic Purpose

This clinic was created to fill a need within the greater Victoria/Sidney area for those struggling with their toenails. Through my medical practice and personal life, I realized many were unable to access timely toenail care due to a lack of service providers and costs of these procedures. Unfortunately, as with many other medical conditions, toenail problems disproportionately affect those in lower socioeconomic classes.

At this clinic, I will be providing FULLY MSP COVERED procedures as listed below. This means no cost to you!

Most commonly, ingrown nails affect the toes, but hands can be treated as well if deemed appropriate. 

About Dr. Josiah Ng


After graduating from UBC Vancouver and finishing residency here in VIctoria, I worked locally as a family doctor in addition to providing medical care in rural communities throughout BC. In 2023, I joined ThreeCedarsMD and have a full family practice. Here is a picture of me and my dog, Woody. 


Services Provided

Wedge Excision
Most common procedure for ingrown nails. I often recommend matrixectomy which is an additional quick procedure that prevents the nail from growing back, reducing the risk of another ingrown nail.

Full Toenail Removal
Most commonly done for ingrown nails on both sides of the nail or for nails which are very thickened due to toenail fungus/trauma. Matrixectomy to prevent the nail from regrowing back can be considered. 

Vandenbos Procedure
A focus on removing the toe tissue instead of the nail to create more space. Typically only for those who do not have very ingrown nails.

How to book

1) If you DO have a family doctor:

Please see them first and they can consider referring to me for the procedure if they deem appropriate. This is helpful because they often send me your medical summary as well. 

2) If you DO NOT have a family doctor:

Please call our front desk to set up an appointment. The contact information can be found at the bottom of this page. Feel free to leave a message if unable to get through.