Dr Ashour's departure

On June 4th, patients of Dr Ashour should have received an email with notification that she will be re-locating her practice, effective June 6th. While we had been aware Dr Ashour was departing, the email sent to patients on June 4th was also when our staff learned where Dr Ashour was going and when.

If you have questions about this move, please contact Ocean Pier Medical Clinic: our staff have no knowledge of the details. From the email we understand that:

  • appointments have been transferred over and so will occur at the same date/time just the new location;
  • your medical records will be transferred ASAP;
  • new appointments or bookings should be made at www.oceanpiermedical.ca/book-or-cancel.html.

Ocean Pier Medical Clinic—Chatterton Way
304-4420 Chatterton Way

Mask requirement

Masks are no-longer required to enter the clinic. 

If you have symptoms of a respiratory or stomach infection (e.g. new cough, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhea, shortness of breath) we ask that you take a mask from the station at the front entrance.

You may also, of course, continue to wear a mask if that is your preference.

Looking for a family doctor?

If you are looking for a Family Doctor, the province requests that you add your name to the Health Connect Registry for your neighbourhood: physicians accepting patients will take names from that registry.

Please do not contact our office as we are unable to help you.

Other Resources Available at Our Office

Kristin Mackenzie Nutrition, www.kristinmackenzienutrition.ca

Online and in-person nutrition counselling for chronic condition care, women’s health and family nutrition.

Mackenzie Clinical Counselling, www.mackenzieclinicalcounselling.ca

Online and in-person counselling services for people facing health conditions, cancer, illness, disability or injury.

Online Booking

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